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Metal Enclosures, Racks, Vertical and Horizontal Power Strips, Shelving and Rack Accessories.

Quest closeout & overstocks of Quest connectivity products, tools, racks, enclosures and accessories.

Quest LocJack is a patented locking Cat3/Cat5E/Cat6 keystone jack for securing data and voice cables from being removed or inserted by unauthorized personnel.

Quest is the stocking master distributor for the Premiere Raceway product line which includes WireHider, Raceway On-A-Roll and Latching Duct.

Help / F.A.Q.

What is the difference between Quest 400 Series and 700 Series Floor Enclosures?
These two enclosure styles are constructed virtually the same, but the 400 Series has an Smoked Acrylic front door for better viewing of internal monitoring of equipment status, while the 700 series is designed with a mesh steel door for better air circulation and ventilation.

What is the difference between Tapped and Cage Nut rails?
Both mounting rail styles are designed with 1.75” (1U) mounting units based on the EIA-310 standards. The difference between the two styles is that a tapped hole is drilled directly into the mounting rail and is typically tapped to a #12-24 die size. Cage nuts are actually movable inserts that are inserted by the installer in specific mounting position as required, and are also typically tapped to a #12-24 die size.

Do all Wall Mount Enclosures get shipped pre-assembled?
No. The 100 series wall mount enclosures are also available in a knockdown version for a more economical shipping cost, and is sold under the 600 EZ-Series of enclosures.

Which Floor Mount Enclosures are available in assembled versus in knockdown shipping cartons?
To make it more cost efficient and convenient for shipping, all Quest floor mount enclosures (except our home theater HT6019 series of racks) are available in both knockdown and assembled versions.

Why would I buy a DVR security box with a clear acrylic window?
Quest DVR security boxes are constructed with a locking front door in both a ventilated solid front door or a see through acrylic front door. These boxes are used for locking security system DVR’s so they are not accessible from any unauthorized personnel. The purpose of the see through acrylic door is to allow IR remote control access through the window.

What is a Rack Unit, and why is it important?
A rack unit (U or RU = 1.75”) is a unit of measure defined by the EIA-310 standard which determines the mounting height of equipment to be installed in an electronic enclosure or rack. (i.e.: 1U = 1.75”; 2U = 3.5”; 3U = 5.25” etc…). This standard allows uniform installation of equipment in an enclosure or rack so there is virtually no wasted space when fully populated.